A life under the Pink Umbrella!


It’s officially summertime! In the four summers that we have lived in Columbus, OH it has turned out to be the prime time for family to visit and I have made it my mission of sorts to turn their southern minds around about this midwestern state. Before my husband and I moved to Ohio, I had only visited the state less than a handful of times but the summer we visited for a job interview the city of Columbus hooked this southern girl for a change in latitude and attitude. I fell for the constant summer breeze, numerous water activities and feeling of community with festivals and gatherings. And like a good tour guide-I’ve listed out my fave things to do when someone comes to town! Activities:     The American Whistle Company: americanwhistle.com For less than $5 you can take a tour of the only manufacturer of metal whistles in the United States and come out with a freshly minted whistle to call your very own!           The Franklin Conservatory:  fpconservatory.org A favorite of mine year-round is a place you can easily spend a day exploring with art collections by Dale Chihuly, Garden and plant

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