I’d like to think that I got my green thumb from my mother, a master gardener and my father, a forester! However, since I currently live in a condo-it can make using the green thumb a little tough. I have a patio that’s about 10 x 15 feet and from Spring till late Fall I can be found on the patio. Also on the patio is a bistro table set, bird bath, bird feeder, humming bird feeder, Day lily’s, Zinnia’s, Cherry Tomato plant and an extensive herb plant collection.

While the flowers are beautiful-my garden herbs are functional for cooking and baking and is pennies on the dollar for what the same herbs would cost fresh in a store! Every spring I look forward to the garden centers bringing out their new plants-thus signaling Spring has officially arrived! I typically grow Rosemary, Parsley, Sage, Thyme, Mint, Oregano, Basil, Chives, and Lavender. Because my kitchen is close to the patio, when I am cooking I’m able to quickly cut some Parsley or Rosemary to add to my dishes.

This fall before the first freeze I looked out at my patio and wondered what to do with my Herb plants? I had recently done some shopping at Aldi and picked up Herb shears and some Olive Oil and decided to freeze the cut herb’s, so I was able to use them cooking out of season.

I was able to purchase what I needed at Aldi, which is one of my latest favorite places to shop! (They have some pretty great deals!) I was able to find herb scissors, Olive Oil and a silicone container to freeze the herbs and Olive Oil in.

*Please note that Aldi has a lot of seasonal products that are not available year-round-so when you see a good deal there-be sure to grab it-you might not see it again! *

Steps for how I preserved my garden herbs in Olive Oil:

  1. I cut my herbs down to the soil as there was a freeze warning for that night-no better time than the present?
  2. I rinsed off all the herbs to make sure I wasn’t bringing in any friends (bugs) or anything else yucky and let them dry on paper towels before cutting them up so they would not clump together.
  3. Next, I separated the leaves from the branches or stalks as I only needed the tender pieces of leaves. I used the Herb scissors to dice up the leaves into very fine pieces so there were no clumps or large leaves left.
  4. I filled the silicone container slots about ½ full of Olive Oil and dropped in pinches of the cut herbs and put the silicone container into the freezer until frozen solid (1-2 hours).
  5. Lastly, I popped out the frozen Olive Oil and Herb mixture and stored them in a freezer in a freezer container for handy use when I am cooking.
My garden herbs trimmed from the plants and ready for rinsing.
These Herb scissors were very sharp and came in handy to make the time go by faster!
Olive Oil and silicone container from Aldi.
Ready for the freezer!
Garden herbs preserved in Olive Oil and ready to use now or in the future!
Cooking with my garden herbs!
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