A life under the Pink Umbrella!


  Do you like a good deal? Who doesn’t right? Because of couponing I have turned into that person who whips out a coupon for food and activities because well…why not and who doesn't like to save money?   But I didn’t always! I remember that in the past I would go grocery shopping or make a Target run, I would plan a grocery list or even better yet cut out coupons from the Sunday paper and then be oh so happy when I would use them or even remember them! But I found that I could not find a way to really stick with couponing or using them before they expired and then finding them at the bottom of my purse after I had left the store. Columbus introduced me to store competition that Florida lacked and I also discovered fuel perks and doubling coupons (say what?!) and that’s how I got sucked in. Suddenly there were over three different grocery stores for me to shop and price compare at. Each store had its own policy (which can sound daunting to conquer) but over time I found a way to get the best prices and not feel overwhelmed! I look back to my Florida

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